Tabbing the DEviL

Forget the emacs vs vi (or vim) battles.

Vim has tabs in its latest 7.0 release. Quite simple actually. A new tab is as easy as doing a

:tabnew "filename"

Moving between tabs is easy too..

:tabp :tabn

for moving to the previous and the next tab respectively

For closing the tab

:tabclose "wahtever"

Heres a neat thing I learnt from the Inter-Web. You can map the “tabn” and “tabp” to keyboard shortcuts. For this open you .vimrc (..or create one if it doesnt exist), and add this,

nnoremap <silent> <C-n> :tabnext<CR> noremap <silent> <C-p> :tabprevious<CR>

Long live, the cult of vi…