Wine...saves the Day

Got my Semester practicals on Visual Programming tomorrow and I know bollocks about it. There was an urgent need to work out the lab exercises and get comfy and cozy with the VC++ IDE (Not one of the favourite students around :)) I did have wine around in my box, but never quite used it. If you are wondering what WINE is; Wine is a Free and Open Source Software that allows you to run most Winblows applications on your Linux box, effectively a port of Win32 platform, not an emulator afaik. So in a sense free Windows (I didnt mean Pirated..).

Got an Old CD of VC++ from my friend, popped it in and installed it without a hitch. I did get errors about some DCOM98 crap, but who the hell cares. I am gonna keep it installed for only one day and will be busting it first time after I finish my practicals tomorrow.


Still dont believe me? Click on the thumbnail below..notice the terminal with the output of uname -r? LINUX PWNS!!!!