May Day Madness

Phew..Semesters on May 19 and lotsa stress beating upon me. I decided to cool off by paying a visit to my uncle’s house

My cousin had a copy of Digital Fortress..Read it..The hell, Dan Brown has written X11 as ‘X-Eleven’…Nice book though.

Had to wake up really early and attend the annual day function of Dad’s office. S Janaki, the playback singer was the chief guest along with Laxmanan, of MMA.

The fun part was in the evening when we paid a visit to the Marina. While having a hell of a time in the waves, My shorts tore where it shouldnt!. And Behold, there I was standing in the water wet, hot and sexy like a swimsuit model. It felt good when everyone was staring at me.

Thank god I was wearing my undies…