Snake in My Mobile

Python is a rocking programming language. I was looking forward to try it on my old ngage qd..Sadly it didnt come with any MMC cards. My friend was kind enough to let me have his 64 meg card for a few days. I couldnt be happier :)

I had a few hiccups getting python on my phone. First the sourceforge page for s60 housed py60 ver 1.3.x, which refused to install in my phone. I finally found out the link to the version compatible (1.2) with the Symbian OS in my phone, but I had to register in that site, boy was the website crawling. In the end if you are looking to get python in you Ngage or Ngage QD, you will have to download “Python for Series 60 1.2 for S60 1st Edition FP1 Devices”[1]. Just Unzip the contents, keep the sis file in your mmc and install it like any other s60 application. The python is a pretty old version though, 2.2.2 to be exact.

Here are some screenshots

1.) The Python Interactive Console


2.) Main Menu?


3.) Sample Scripts




Get Python for s60 here