Not a die hard fan of Harry Potter, but still a fan of J.K’s work. Come July 20, and the last and final installment of Harry Potter, just made my friends all excited; that the three of us woke up at 4 in the morning and went to Landmark at Spencer’s wanting to get hold of the book first. I was riding my mom’s dependable krystal without a license (..and she didn’t know). We were in for a ride since there was a long queue outside the bookstore.

Some of the muggles, apparently had slept overnight in the cars parked overnight. We waited, solved the Puzzles and waited, had coffee, waited. Then the counters opened…Half an hour and some shuffles within the queue later we had the book. The dudes at Landmark gave us some burger, sandwich and some juice. But honestly, I would have preferred Mollaga Bajji with Tea.

The book begins with Snape and Yaxley reporting to Voldemort. And the ending….?