Went to hyderabad after atul jha, (koolhead17) invited me to from 24 to 26th of August. Without sponsors, lot of hurdles and with awesome help from the students of Govt Institute of Electronics, Secbad, the team comprising Atul, Krish and Pavi pulled off an event which was wonderful, enlightening and inspiring. Special thanks to Mr. Raju, Sun and Thyagu from ILUGC for lifting the crowd up and having them in splits. A special mention to neenaoffline (Ravi) and Shriphani, the young kids who came and helped them out, along with the students, Mustaffa (motta), Mustaffa (lambha) and Balram who volunteered for the event.

An interesting thing to note was the crowd even after the blasts in hyderabad occurred, though less than the previous two days, was significant.

Flickr snaps here

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The thought of college tomorrow, brrr..