Neo1973, First Impressions.

So went to NRCFOSS today to play around with the kit which had arrived. The kit was safely locked up inside the Comm Lab and immediately got down to business. Really took the kit apart, got hold of the neo. It was’nt too heavy nor too light. Maybe my ngage weighing a ton caused the possible misconception. The “hacker’s lunchbox” was complete with,

  • The neo

  • Two batteries, two SD cards and two card adapters

  • lanyard, carry strap, pouch

  • Earphones, USB connecting cable

  • Debug Board and stuff

  • A card with some information regarding warranty and all.

  • …and a sexy screw driver and a stylus thats a pen, laser pointer and a flash light as well!

  • Sadly they missed the guitar pick, or its hiding somewhere =(

I immediately pried open the device to see what was inside, the back side was easily removable. Hmm..That could be dangerous since if the device falls down the back panel would come off easily (I wasn’t allowed to test the theory..). Put the battery in and booted the device. I was welcomed by a gentle vibration and a glorious splash screen that looked gorgeous on the high res screen. The bootup was ofcourse continued till a kernel panic with an error that init could not be found. Really looking forward to flash this baby and start coding…

Check my flickr for more pics and this video clip with the neo booting up