Python-gsmd, Progress So Far..


So the python-gsmd bindings for the gsm daemon in Openmoko works!! Checkout the screenshot. I had ssh’ed into the phone after setting up USB networking so that I might get a shell to work on.

Note the uname on the lower right terminal showing the ARM architecture of the neo.

The terminal on the lower left shows the logs from the libgsmd-tool shell.

And in the terminal on the top, we have a python session leading to a call to my good ol’ mom.

Now that the code sorta works, I have moved it to the Click here to browse the source. Note that theres another project by zecke which wraps up mickeyl’s libmokogsmd. Ours wraps up gsmd directly and creates a sort of raw interface to the daemon.

Too bad semester will be starting soon, so work will be a bit slow. So please please please ping us if you want to help.

P.S: The screenshot is from the gentoo livecd…=D