Gnusim8085, Kickass "Free" 8085 Simulator...

A big thanks to sridhar and the gang maintaining the 8085, Its around 12 midnight now and am studying for my microprocessor semester practicals. But my hand writing is next to shit, So bad that even I cannot understand it. To make matters worse I had to study from a record which was written in a hurry. Anyway all my mnemonics, opcodes in my record are messed up, so needed a way to properly sync up the two and learn.

Ah, thats where gnusim8085 is currently saving my arse. My buddies: tuxmaniac, slytherin, srid, I owe you guys big time. You have no idea how gnusim8085 is helping me right now.

Viva la Linux et FOSS!

Oh, got to study now, dang internet is addictive..Leaving you with a couple of screenshots showing a program of 16 bit addition..

The opcode listing…

Get gnusim8085 here

The packages are there in the repositories of gentoo, debian and its only a command/click away.

Currently enjoying every moment of it. Man, I am getting goosebumps…

UPDATE: For those of you who wish to know how I did the exams, this should help to explain scroll down that page..