Pygsmd-shell: Shell Mode of Libgsmd-tool in Python

Got some sms and phonebook code in the svn, but not all. So once I had some bindings finished. I decided to write a sort of example script that uses our pygsmd module. libgsmd-tool have always been a friend of mine in knowing whats up with gsmd. Therefore to pay a tribute to my good “friend”, I came up with a python script that mimics ‘libgsmd-tool -m shell’. Of course since pygsmd itself is yet to be completed, the script is incomplete although functional. Its been a long time since I had written a real python script, so if its not pythonic, please comment..The script is already in the svn, so if you are interested take a look and most importantly test it out and extend it..=D

Heres a more sane version(88) from the svn

And the screenshot of pygsmd-shell in action. Notice the AT commands in Phonesim to the right. And the screenshot of the script running in the neo.

For pygsmd svn repository, click here