A Debacle of an Exam...

One of the Life’s greatest ironies. I actually enjoyed studying for the Artificial Intelligence exam, one of my favourite areas. In fact an hour of my favorite anime, Ghost in the Shell: SAC on monday was timed perfectly for the exam the next day.

But when I received the question paper, I sat there wide eyed just like the android who gets pwned by the Tachikomas when they attack her with the Liar Paradox. A big BLEH..

I managed to write (in my own words and crappy handwriting), a couple of big questions and 5 short ones. To add insult to the injury, yesterday’s paper was my personal record for the most number of pages filled in an exam; 42/44. My previous record was 34 :D.

On the brighter side, I may get to read Peter Norvig’s a second time for the back paper. Well, rationalization is the solution to all of world’s problems ;).

But somehow, I didn’t feel bad about it…..shit