Funday Sunday

Sunday’s are fun. Even more, when you get together with your school buddies for a long chaat.. Burp!

I haven’t seen most of these guys for a looong time. So it was fun reliving the school moments. As for me, I was mostly silent having my mouth full with “Dahi Puris”. Seriously, Adayar Ananda Bhavan in Tambaram makes a good bunch of them. Its an ecstatic experience, when the “puri” breaks in your mouth releasing dollops of fresh sweet yoghurt with an assortment of tingly sauces. Try it when you go there. Highly recommended.

It would have been awesome if the entire class turned up. (That way I could have eaten more ;) )

And special full credits to vidhya for bringing a camera that didn’t have batteries. Now, we have to be satisfied with crappy pics taken from even crappier mobile phones.

Also, my mentor is happy with my GSoC performance, so looks like I will pass my mid-term evaluations. Yay! What a weekend…