Summer Ends but the Insanity Continues.

In Chennai we have three seasons, summer (nov-march), f***ing hot summer (april – june), a mildly wet but still hot summer (july-oct). In case you are wondering where I am pointlessly heading to, I was talking about the Google Summer of Code 2008 which ended successfully for me :D; the code which I submitted was only about 56KB which means I was the laziest among the 9 other GSoC’ers for Openmoko. On the whole, I think Openmoko had a wonderful SoC this year.

I will continue working on the initiative and do my little bit to help around. I was planning to release the ipks along with FSO milestone 3, but it turned out that my build tree wouldn’t let me to do that without a fight (at `NOTE: Running task 256 of 718’ now), will post the link once I have the packages. Get it here. (Thanks to team for hosting it)

Meanwhile, Software Freedom Day will be celebrated worldwide on September 20 (third saturday of September) and the ILUG-C gang will be there at Kamban Engineering College, Thiruvannamalai this year. So if you are in Chennai at that time and want to do something fun for the weekend, please volunteer!.

P.S: I am planning to give away my Freerunner for free, first to comment this post gets it..