There and Back Again..

Went for a little holiday to Kerala (Kochi, Guruvayoor and Calicut). My dad wanted to go to Kerala and catch up with a few of his college buddies and Me, I wanted to visit the lanes and streets of Calicut where I had roamed as a very little boy. After all, I had lived there for 8 years and Kozhikode hasn’t changed a lot to be honest, except for fresh coats of paints. A new building here and there, one or two demolished. But most of my favorite spots still remain, PaiCo, Alakapuri, Lions park, my school :D, the local chips store, the ‘samooham’, winding lanes of chalapuram..etc..

The best part is, I met my LKG class teacher out of sheer luck. Woot, its been 14 years and still she remembers me :D (I must have been very very ‘notorius’), After all she had the patience to teach me that ‘C’ follows ‘B’…..

And not to forget the ‘Anna kada’ as I used to call it, Still the same…

NSS school…

Tali Shivan Temple.

Sunset at the beach with little karthik,

…and, couldn’t help myself :P