Road Trip to Yelagiri

I have been a lurker in the forums of xbhp, just gaping in awe as these guys do road trips to far off places complete with triplogs. I knew I wanted to do something like this and was itching to take my FZ for a ride in the great outdoors. The farthest I had been was the trip to A R Rehman’s concert at Swarnabhoomi a couple of months ago.

A road trip was imminent and rallied two of my friends for a trip to Yelagiri, A small hill station retreat near Jolarpet. Nothing fancy like the Ooty or Kodai. Just a group of hills with the tallest point close to 1100m. Middle of December with cool weather was just so irresistible.

Alas, my friends couldn’t make it and I had to go solo, without any company. The tripmeter at the end of the day read 484.5. Also, logged part of the return trip with TangoGPS in my Freerunner. I have uploaded the traces to OSM.

I have written a fairly detailed triplog at the xbhp forums. Do read it :D