Pen and Paper

I am one of those people with a very volatile memory. Unless I jot down things even if it is as mundane as getting a haircut, I find myself with a nagging sense of incompleteness in my head. It is a very uncomfortable feeling to have.

I had been trying to use Evernote, Wunderlist and org-mode to help solve this. No god damn luck. Only org-mode worked for me in the beginning but I found myself slowly starting to worry about how to format my fricking lists instead.

My brain had started to bikeshed with itself!

For me, these tools turned out to be hard to focus with. And lo! I fell back to using a Pen and a Notebook instead.

Writing down todo lists feels much more satisfying than typing them. The contents somehow ‘sticks’ to my head and I don’t need reminders on my phone anymore (which I mostly used to ignore anyways).

Of course, there are a lot of productivity problems solved successfully by software but I have come to a conclusion that simple personal todo lists is NOT one of them.

Pen and Paper beats the Computer in this case.