Annoyasaurus Lex

I was 7 the first time I watched Jurassic Park. It has remained my favorite childhood movie and greatly influenced how I was going to play with my toys for the next few years.

Fast forward 20 years, the man child in me was stoked to see the trailers for Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the franchise. This time around, I decided to get the Jurassic Park book by Michael Crichton, because why the hell not! It has Dinosaurs.

The book is racy and easy to read and I ended up finishing it in two sittings. However,

Never have I been so pissed off by a fictional little girl in a book than the annoying little irritating piece of shit, Lex.

In the book, the boy is the elder one; a dinosaur nerd savvy with computers although having his parade pissed on by his younger brat of a sister all the time. The little girl is of no help, whines constantly and is always hungry without any human emotion.

If Satan was a little girl, it would have been Lex.

Looking back, it has made me appreciate Spielberg’s direction by having both the kids do something. The sister in the movie was the elder one, was a ‘hacker of the unixes’ but atleast she had something for us to root for. Always on the lookout and cautious of Dinosaurs. Added to that she bails her brother out in the scary kitchen scene.

Lex in the movie was of some help and has her moments.

However, Lex from the book has only made me think of imaginative ways to kill her off.

My favorite, Dr. Grant using her as a distraction to escape from the T-Rex. The big rex gets her snack and everyone is happy that no one is whining anymore!